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Custom Pedals

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Here is some custom work we've done. Everything you see here can be made for you as well.

We're always willing to hear out an idea and make you exactly what you want as long as its physically possible. With with custom work it can be a lengthly process to plan and build. Please be patient with your order. Expect to wait 2 months or more for the finished product as we are always busy keeping up with our standard product line. An portion of the final costs may be requested up front for materials and/or labour for design. The design costs may be non-refundable. That being said, everything right down to the colour of the enclosure and knobs, size and shape  and decal design is fair game to customize.  You can send us your own graphics as well, if you want a specific design on the pedal.

The Feedback Looper -$160

This pedal has two effects loops with independent loop feedback control. A unique feature allows you to instantly toggle between series an parallel set-ups of the two loops plugged in by footswitch. Lastly, you can plug in an optional satellite pedal to toggle on and off the feedback on each effect. Altogether, this thing has limitless potential as to what it could do. 

 Multi Tap-$200

 The features of this pedal include:
-4 outputs to simultaneously sync 4 tap tempo effect pedals 
- Instantly double or half the tempo speed of all devices 
- Toggle switches on the back for normally closed or normally open operation which allows for use with ANY tap tempo device
-Large, bright blue LED for a other band mates to follow tempo

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