This DIY mod  kit includes all hardware and instructions for drilling and wiring the Zoom pedal. This requires drilling 2 holes into the case and adding the two stereo jacks provided to connect your Auxiliary pedal. The mod requires the battery option to be permanently removed. A full step-by-step PDF guide will be sent to you. The Aux pedal is sent fully assembled as well as the 2 stereo cables to connect to your Zoom pedal


This mod unlocks the true potential of the Zoom Multistomp series pedals, by making its features more easily accessible by foot. Scroll left and right, use preset mode and even tap-in tempo using the footswitches of the Auxiliary pedal. The Auxilary pedal eliminates the need to bend down and press a small knob or a button around the side of the footswitch to get to features you're looking for.



DIY Zoom MS Mod Kit and Guide