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Lizard Breath Pedals has been operating since October 2013. With the creative input of some friends earlier that summer, I started creating fuzz and boost pedal designs.  Having collected several pedals in the span of a few short years while playing with a band, I soon found I wanted ways to do more with the pedals I owned.  When I finally hooked up my pedals in stereo I had an even deeper appreciation of the sonic art form of effect pedals. The pedal design hobby became a local business and the webstore was created soon after in January 2014.  Interest and demand picked up in my home city of Toronto and I launched the now retired Feedback Fuzz which was reviewed by Pro Guitar Shop in October 2014. I'm still dedicated to creating versatile, high-quality pedals and conservation of precious pedalboard space is always a priority. I will take on custom builds occasionally when I have the time. 

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