Q:Do you do custom pedals?


A:Tell us what you're looking for and we'll get back to you right away. We're usually up for a challenge. 



Q: How do I request a custom pedal?


A:email us at lizardbreathpedals@gmail.com

or fill out the contact form on the Custom Pedals or About page



Q:Do you do stereo pedals?


A:Yes, we make stereo fuzzes, clean boosts, overdrives, bypass loopers and more. We're all about preserving your true stereo.



Q:Do you ship internationally?


A:We will ship anywhere in the galaxy. see shipping rates in the cart Section once you have select your items. All packages come with tracking numbers.



Q:Where are you from?


A:Toronto, Ontario, Canada. if you're near us, you may pick up your gear locally. Email us at lizardbreathpedals@gmail.com to arrange a pickup.



Q:Do you have a warranty?


A:1 year for all our pedals. We will repair any defective pedals and cover shipping costs within that year. After a year, we will repair pedals, but will not cover shipping costs. we may ask you for a small repair fee. We have all transactions on record and will check if you're still covered for the warranty. 



Q:Do you do mods/rehousing?


A: Yes, we can do rehousing and mods. Let us know what you're looking for at lizardbreathpedals@gmail.com or fill out the contact form in the Custom or About section. Also please check our Mods page to see if what you are looking for is already there.


Q:What are build times like?


A: Sometimes we have pre-built stock, other times depending on how busy we are, it may take 1 week for a simple pedal. Upt to 2-3 weeks build time for an effect pedal, if its not already built. Depending on the complexity/quantity of the order, it may take slightly longer.



Q:Payment and shipping?


A:We only accept Paypal payments. All packages have tracking numbers.



D:More lizard breath please!








 Youtube Channel-

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsdFu1rL_X6QN1V- 0Cvd02Q