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Why Have Stereo Pedals?

If you’ve ever experienced the sound of your stereo effects coming out of two amps and wondered” why did I not do this sooner?” , you might now be thinking what we’re thinking : “Why don’t more stereo effects exist?” . This is an even more puzzling question since studio recordings of songs are stereo and as a musician you have the ability to give your songs depth and space in the stereo field.

Many of our favourite effects can already be found in stereo versions such as delays, reverbs, phasers, flangers, choruses, tremolos, pitch shifters…but why not gain pedals?

Traditionally, gain pedals come early in the effects chain and do not need to be in stereo to go into a stereo effect, for example, delay. Although, as many guitarists who use pedals know, the rules of effect placement are meant to be broken. Overdriven reverb is commonly used in Shoegaze, and other experimental genres. Pitch shifters work far better before gain pedals and why not throw overdrive after stereo delays and phasers?

Just because some of these sounds are unconventional, doesn’t mean they should ever be ruled out. At Lizard Breath Pedals, we’re working on a complete line of unique stereo gain pedals. These are valuable tools, both in the studio and on stage. With a reamp box, our stereo gain pedals can be used on a whole slew of instruments, including vocals. For those of you who have experience using plugins and digital effects know that you can’t beat a warm gain sound produced by real analog circuitry.

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